Winter Planting Season

Revegetation work at Lake Claremont will continue this winter 2019, although on a much smaller scale.  The FOLC are purchasing 5000 native seedlings, with funds raised from the Royal Show parking in September, to plant around the old tin shed on the northeast side of the wetland.  The work is directed by the Town of Claremont and the Lake Claremont Management Plan.

The Town of Claremont is responsible for preparing each site by removing invasive grasses and a few of the Tamarisk trees which are Weeds of National Significance (WONS).  The Town will also  provide mulch to be spread by Scotch College and Christ Church Grammar School year 10 students participating the FOLC Friday afternoon Community Service Program.

The FOLC will plant local native seedlings consisting of ground cover, shrubs and trees like tuart, jarrah, marri and banksia which will provide more and better wildlife habitat, and beauty.

The FOLC will also be responsible for organising and leading community volunteers to plant the seedlings.  There will only be 2 public plantings sessions this year with the goal of planting 2000 seedlings at each session:

  1. Local Residents Planting Day Sunday June 9th
  2. Nation Tree Day Sunday July 28th

We will need 8-10 people to help lay out plants from 8:00 – 9:00.  Planting will commence at 9:00 and conclude by 11:30.  Tea will be provided for all.  The wonderful Indian ex-pat group, the Shah Satnam Ji Green S Welfare Force Wing, will be joining us on June 9th.

2019 Sponsor

The Friends of Lake Claremont have been awarded a grant from SALP (Swan Alcoa Landcare Program) for a 2019 hand weeding program.


In 2020, the FOLC will host 11 planting days for FOLC members and the community.

Each session will be limited to 50 volunteers (or according to covid-19 restrictions). You must register prior to the event by emailing:

Meeting Locations

Lake Claremont Park along Alfred Road opposite Lisle St Contact: Heidi Hardisty 0416 614 696