• Help re-vegetate the park
  • Monthly busy bees at Lake Claremont

Help out behind the scenes

  • Volunteer coordinator
  • Administration
  • Publicity
  • Creating displays

Help with Special Events

  • Clean Up Australia Day
  • National Tree Day
  • Celebrate Lake Claremont

Volunteering opportunities!

Be Part of Something Growing!

Aside from the need for volunteers on the ground planting and weeding etc, we also have a need for more volunteers “behind the scenes”.

Perhaps planting or weeding isn’t your thing? Maybe you have an illness or just aren’t physically able to participate in volunteering at the lake but would still like to get involved? Do you have a particular skill or area of expertise that may help us to continue our work at Lake Claremont?

If you feel your talents may be of assistance to us, or even if you are not sure how you can help but want to become involved then please contact us using the box below