Weeds are a problem, they can outcompete or replace native plants. This reduces the diversity of native plants and hence animals like insects, skinks and birds.

How it works?

No matter who you are, you can help: a family, school class, community group or individual. The Friends of Lake Claremont would like you to adopt a kitchen sized plot of the park (larger for groups). It is then your job to keep this area free of weeds and rubbish all year. It is estimated that you will have to visit your spot once a month to keep it weed free. This will enable our bush plants to grow uninhibited and create a lovely environment.

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These days we are aware that the planet needs our help in a pretty serious way. For more than a century, various land use took its toll on Lake Claremont leaving it in a highly degraded state. Happily the area is now designated a Conservation Category Wetland and a Bush Forever Site. The Friends of Lake Claremont and the Town of Claremont have been restoring the area and creating beautiful new bushland. Weeding is critical to make this project a success. And we need your help!

What's in it for you?

A sense of pride you and your family will have by knowing you are enhancing your community and benefiting wildlife.

  • Learn to identify local weeds
  • Learn basic weeding techniques
  • Help young seedlings survive
  • Reduce herbicide use
  • Get exercise Feel great!


Basic weed identification and hand weeding technique will be provided by the Friends of Lake Claremont on site with occasional follow up support.

Before you can ADOPT A SPOT you must participate in a brief introduction and hand weeding training program. You will then be designated a site. After that you are free to weed when it suits you. We will also have follow up sessions from time to time in which you can attend. Plus there will be regular updates on the targeted weeds and ongoing support.

Join Now!

Call Graeme on 0437 923 260 or send an enquiry using the form below.

Please note: You must be a FOLC member to join ADOPT A SPOT.

The annual membership fee is $10 for an individual member and $20 for a family. School classes are free.

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