Year 10 Community Service Program


A major focus of the program is to get the students to reflect on why they are volunteering by posing and discussing such questions as:

  • WHY is the lake there?
  • WHY should the wetland be rehabilitated?
  • WHY are volunteers doing rehabilitation work?
  • WHY are you doing a specific task that day?
  • WHY are you doing community service?

In 2009, the Friends of Lake Claremont started the year 10 community service program with local high schools. We hope that by volunteering the students can discover the beauty and importance of Lake Claremont, contribute to the community, and have fun!

Currently two local schools participate: Scotch College and Christ Church Grammar School. The program runs most Friday afternoons from early February to late September, with one session in late October.

The students are engaged in various projects to help enhance and restore Lake Claremont and its surrounds. Basic bush regeneration principles and tasks are taught like seed collection, planting and weeding.

Being outdoors, the students can reconnect with nature and some may be inspired to go on to a career in biological or environmental sciences.

There is opportunity for other schools to get involved with the community service program. If you would like more information please contact us.