2020 Planting Season

The 2020 Lake Claremont Planting Season – Volunteers Needed

By Heidi Hardisty

A lot of creativity has gone into planning the winter planting season this year.  FOLC is running over a dozen planting sessions in 4 weekends. We are happy to report that with the recent relaxation of covid-19 restrictions we will be inviting the public to our planting sessions to a maximum of 25 volunteers per session. We will be practising social distancing to help keep everyone healthy and safe.

July Planting Sessions Available at Lake Claremont

The Lake Claremont planting sessions are rapidly filling up. You must register prior to the event by email. Please indicate which session(s) you would like to attend: folc.wa@gmail.com

All sessions are now full.


FOLC were successful in obtaining another grant from the Swan Alcoa Landcare Program (SALP) which enabled us to purchase 8000 native seedlings to beautify the park, create more wildlife habitat and enhance the ecological linkage between Bold Park and the Swan River.

I have been organising the planting season from my current residence in far north Queensland, where currently the weather is beautiful.  Although I am hoping to return to WA to run some of the planting sessions, that will be determined when travel is allowed between states.

Stay well and safe!