2019 FOLC Grant Summaries

The FOLC have been extremely successful in winning grants since they were established as a Company Limited by Guarantee in 2009. The majority of the funds have been used to purchase native seedlings. The FOLC have organized and led thousands of volunteers to plant the seedlings. The restoration work is directed and supported by the Town of Claremont (TOC).  The TOC support includes the removal of invasive grasses and weeds with herbicide, installation of fencing to protect the seedlings against trampling and supply of mulch. The TOC has also established a weed management program. The FOLC conduct hand weeding sessions as part of this program in order to reduce herbicide use.

The FOLC is run entirely by volunteers. This is a summary of the grants won by FOLC.

Since 2009, the FOLC have won 28 grants totalling $636,195

Since 2010, the FOLC have planted over 347,000 local native seedlings


  1. Commonwealth Caring for our Country 

The Friends of Lake Claremont were awarded 5 consecutive grants (2009-2013) through the Australian Government’s Caring for Our Country Program. These Community Action Grants (CAG) have helped to restorethe wetland buffer (or fringing vegetation) from the northwest to southeast shores. In
2013 the grant was renamed the Community Environmental Grant.

Each year volunteers help to plant more than 10,000 native seedlings along the lake shore (3000m2).

    • 2009 Caring for Our Country – Community Action Grant – $19,990 (CAG09-00595)
    • 2010 Caring for Our Country – Community Action Grant – $22,000 (CAG10-1000460)
    • 2011 Caring for Our Country – Community Action Grant – $22,000 (CAG11-00094)
    • 2012 Caring for Our Country – Community Action Grant – $21,989 (CAG12-00173)
    • 2013 Community Environmental Grant – $55,000 (CEG-1216860-28) 
  1. State Government NRM and Alcoa Landcare Partnership

The FOLC were awarded 5 consecutive grants from the Swan River Trust Alcoa Landcare Program to continue their work to restore the eastern wetland buffer, the wetland bed and the remnant bushland. The 2019 grant was for a hand weeding program.

    • Swan River Trust and Alcoa Landcare Program – $17,600 (SALP 01N15)
    • Swan River Trust and Alcoa Landcare Program – $20,000 (SALP 01N16)
    • Swan Alcoa Landcare Program – $18,071(SALP 01N17)
    • Swan Alcoa Landcare Program –$9,875.27 (SALP 01N18)
    • Swan Alcoa Landcare Program (SALP) –$14,400(SALP 01N19)
    • Swan Alcoa Landcare Program (SALP) –$15,620 (SALP 03N20)
  1. State Environmental Community Grants

For two consecutive years, the FOLC were awarded funds through the State Government’s Environmental Community Grants Program.  The program was introduced to recognise the enormous contribution community-based organisations make to conserving nature in WA. The program was discontinued in 2013.

FOLC won in the category of “Biodiversity Conservation” and the money was used to restore a portion of the lakebed and wetland buffer in 2 areas of Lake Claremont: the man-made peninsula and the southern shore.

    • 2011 Environmental Community Grant – State Government WA – $33,000 (2011ECG)
    • 2012 Environmental Community Grant – State Government WA – $33,000 (2012E
  1. State NRM

FOLC were awarded 5 consecutive grants throughthe Government of Western Australia’s State NRM (Natural Resource Management Program) to reconstruct native woodland on the north side of Lake Claremont.

    • State NRM Grant – $49,500(NRM 10051)
    • State NRM Grant – $55,000 (NRM 11027)
    • State NRM Grant – $55,000 (NRM 12054)
    • State NRM Grant – $30,800 (NRM 13027)
    • State NRM Grant – $27,500 (NRM 14002)


  1. State NRM

This grant was for infill planting to restore native vegetation patches on the east side of the lake.

    • State NRM Grant $55,000 (NRM A16112)


  1. State NRM

This State Government grant completed the restoration planting of the Wetland buffer on the east side of the lake.

    • State NRM Program – $27,500 (NRM A15063)


  1. Commonwealth 25thAnniversary Landcare Grant

The FOLC were awarded a special 25th Anniversary Landcare Grant by the Commonwealth Department of Environment. The grant enabled the FOLC to continue restoring the understory and groundcover in the remnant bushland with infill planting.

    • 25th Anniversary Landcare Grant$22,000 (25ALG – 62)


  1. Commonwealth GVESHOThe Australian Government awarded the FOLC two GVESHO Grants (Grants to Voluntary Environment, Sustainability and Heritage Organisations) to produce brochures and educational material to promote the work of the organisation.


    • GVESHO – $2200– 2013
    • GVHESO – $2200– 2014
  1. Volunteer Grants

Volunteering WA, assisted by Lottery West funding, allocate grants for not for profit organisations to thank their volunteers.

    • Lotterywest Volunteering WA International Year of the Volunteer + 10 Grant -$1,100– (IYV + 10 – 2011) This helped fund the annual Celebrate Lake Claremont event.
    • Lotterywest & Volunteering WA National Volunteer Week Grant – $1,100– (NVW 2019) This grant funded a volunteer thankyou lunch for FOLC members and members of the Shah Satnam Ji Green S Welfare Force Wing who have given us significant help with our planting through the years.
    • SALP Landcare 20thAnniversary Celebration Grant-$1,100– 2018   To help fund a volunteer celebration. FOLC was able to support the Town of Claremont and contribute to the annual Celebrate Lake Claremont event with children’s educational activities.


  1. Real estate.com

This grant was arranged by Abel McGrath Real Estate to employ contractors to carry out hand weeding at Lake Claremont.                                                          


    • Abel McGrath Real Estate – $1650– 2018


  1. Planet Ark Foundation

This grant enabled the FOLC to purchase 940 native seedlings and 20 hand trowels and included a school education element.

    • Planet Ark Foundation – $2000 – 2019